Weight-Loss Bucket List

When I started losing weight, there were things I could no longer do. There were also things I never tried to do but couldn’t do either. As I progress down the scale while on my weight-loss journey, there are things that I am looking forward to doing. I have compiled these things in my Weight-Loss Bucket List. (I got this great idea from TheFatMom). I will add more as I think of them. I will also let you know when something has been accomplished.

1. Ride all of the rides at Cedar Point without worrying about being too big.
2. Fit in chairs with space on either side. (Achieved!)
3. Go up to the 40th row of seats at MIS without being winded.
4. Have my boobs stick out way past my belly. (Achieved!)
5. Buy new sexy underwear!
6. Go on a cruise for my 20th wedding anniversary.
7. Be able to wear calf-high boots.
8. Wear necklaces without an extender. (Achieved!)
9. Consistently buy clothes from the regular-sized racks.
10. Ride a bike without worrying what my butt looks like.
11. Step on my Wii Fit board and NOT have the board say, “That’s obese.” This would mean I weigh 198 pounds or less.
12. Have a normal BMI. This will happen when I weigh 161 pounds.
13. Wrap a towel around my body and not have gaps.
14. Lose 50 pounds. Achieved 11/4/11!
15. To step on the scale and not worry who sees the weight.
16. To get to my high school clothing size: 9/10.
17. To get into a size 12.
18. To not have my thighs stick together when I am wearing shorts and/or a bathing suit.
19. To weigh under 200 pounds!
20. To weigh under 175 pounds.
21. To reach my goal weight of 155 pounds.
22. Do a real push up.
23. Wear a bikini.
24. Fit into clothes that my daughters can borrow. (Achieved for tops: 11/12/11.)
25. To weigh 150 pounds.
26. To have lost 40 pounds. (Achieved 9/30/2011)
27. To have lost 75 pounds.
28. To have lost 100 pounds.
29. Fit into a cute Little Black Dress.
30. Move up to 8 pound hand weights.
31. Have a fantastic wardrobe.