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Many of the following articles were originally written for journalists, especially new journalists or those working at small town newspapers. They first appeared at a site Linda once maintained, SmallTownPress. Linda also uses the articles in her journalism course.

If you’d like to use any of these articles for something more than your personal information, you must contact Linda. These articles are copyrighted. Please read her complete copyright notice.

To start, here are a few articles I recommend. If you’d like more, review the archives for journalism and freelance writing articles.

Interviewing 101 Advice to help you with that first interview or your 100th.

Notetaking Tips Do you need a tape-recorder? How do you organize your notes? These questions and more are addressed in this article.

The Idea Suggestions to help you develop ideas for articles.

Query Letter Tips for writing a query letter, an e-query and even a sample of a multi-topic query letter. More importantly, this particular query letter resulted in several sales, so it is a successful model.

Market Match This article shows how tone and voice can help you tweak a topic to fit a number of markets.

Invoice Tips Once you start selling articles, this invoice system can help you keep track of payments due, as well as create a system to track your income. It includes a sample invoice.

Using Clips What are clips? Should you write for free? These issues are addressed in this article.

A Writer’s Space Are you serious about freelance writing? If so, you need a dedicated space. This article explains what I did and offers suggestions that can help you find your space too.

Recommended for Writers

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